Fight Your Inner Demons with Confidence

Each session is tailored and designed to help you overcome your biggest psychological challenges, clear mental barriers so you can achieve your trading and personal goals. 

Who this accountability program is for:

  • Do you find yourself having no one to speak to about the challenges or ideas you face while trading?
  • Are you a trader that already has an effective strategy but are looking to develop a peak-performing mindset?
  • Are you getting in your own way by sabotaging your own trading growth and profitability by making mistakes that can be easily avoided?
  • This program is only for experienced traders who want to focus on improving their trading psychology. 

This personalised accountability program will equip you with tools and strategies to:

  • Gain consistency and funding in your journey.
  • Hold onto and scale your funding.
  • Gain motivation, discipline and focus.
  • Establish good routines and habits.
  • Gain mental clarity for better decision making.
  • Clear stress and fear.
  • Remove strong emotional responses towards losses and missed positions.
  • Remove FOMO and revenge trading.
  • Gain confidence in yourself and your strategy.
  • Overcome overtrading.
  • Overcome not sticking to your trading plan.
  • Deal with the grief of loss.
  • Deal with the burden of gain (mindset challenges associated with trading larger capital).
  • Rid yourself of self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • Goal setting, build momentum and achieve.
  • Deal with challenges outside of the markets.
  • Improve your decision making in the markets.
  • Bounce back from big challenges and large losses.
  • Keep yourself grounded when you achieve large wins and success.
  • Succeed as a trader without sacrificing your life and the things you love doing out of the markets.
  • Break out of the boom and bust that keeps traders inconsistent.

What you get with this program:

USD 180

  • 60-minute 1-on-1 Call with me to discuss your psychological and mental barriers.
  • Recording of the session

Invest in Yourself

Take the next step to improving your mindset and strategy and get to the next level in trading.